Cerita Staf : Fajar Jasmin

Jumat 17 Februari 2017
Dear Igo,
When you were born, life were simple.
But then you had to come to us and made it complicated. 
Yep, you did.
But if our life is complicated, then how much would yours be?
Deafening sounds, touches that feels like blows, headache-inducing bright lights.
A hallucinatory, demented strange world.
I cannot even begin to imagine the hard realities you’ll have to face, the confusion you’ll have to bear and the wounds that will inevitably come your way.
I really thought that we could conquer autism.  You and me.  Together.
Yet day after day, I find myself screaming and kicking to the God I didn’t know existed to bring you out of that prison. 
To trade my place with you.
For the truth is, I am broken every time I see you break down in a tantrum or punch your bedroom walls in frustration because you can’t sleep.  Watching you, I just keep dying, only to live again, to die again the next day.
Until the light of dawn finally broke down and I realized that I really don’t need to pray for a miracle anymore.  For we already have it.
You are the miracle.  Because despite everything, you radiate a light and made us stronger.
We are the miracle.  Because against all odds, we have come this far.
Such is why on one afternoon long ago, I made a promise that I will work in child issue one day.
And you know what?  Last year, an opportunity came, and now I am doing it.
Doing what I can to make a difference to the lives of children in Indonesia.
And as with you, I will bend the heavens and raise hell to do what I can.
Because this is our promise between you and me.  Man-to-man.
Because finally, this is it.