Cerita Staf : Dudi Hidajat

Jumat 17 Februari 2017
A big question always happens as worried and also challenged when we implement community based program especially when the initiators, funding and duration of the program ended is “Will the program continue and sustainable?”.  This question is not an opinion, since the communities always experience the program will be ended. The activities will be terminated when the program finished either from the donor or form the government budget allocation. Thus, the question about sustainability is very relevant to be anticipated and taken into account for anyone as implementers who work with the communities.

Community based child protection forum namely “KASATA” try to answer those questions. “KASATA” stand for “Kasih Sayang Anak Tetap Abadi” or “Love to Children are always Ever Lasting” which is the organization of child protection in Cibinong Hilir Village, Cilaku Sub District, Cianjur District.  The Forum was established in 2014 based on awareness and need of community on the importance of protection for children. At least there are 2 importance things as the impact of establishment of “KASATA” forum, firstly community knows where they should report if any incidents or cases of children in their village, beside to RT and RW (RT is the smallest organization entity in the village level; RW is groups of RT). Secondly, Local village government greatly supported by the forum that has taken a big effort to address the children cases.

So far “KASATA” Forum has been successfully accessed 14 Drop Out of Junior High School Students to continue their study to Senior High School, through collaboration with Pasundan Senior High School to enrol them. There are 40 children to get access to Birth Certificate. There are 16 cases of abuse, 3 economic exploitations and 3 complicated cases of sexual abuse had been referred to PDAK and to be handled by Social Workers.

Mrs. Enong the mothers of Dera Rahmawati, and Mr. Makmun the fathers of Mayang Sari are parents from Cibinong Hilir that got direct benefit from the forum. They got support from the Forum to access their children’s to continue to Senior High School.  Now their children study in Senior High School in Cilaku.
The approaches and strategies on the sustainability of programs are the significant effort to ensure continuation of child protection program, such as:     
  • Legal establishment of the Forum (in 2014) at village level through Villages Letter on “the Establishment of Board of KASATA” from the Head of Village. The Legal Letter becomes a legal umbrella for the existence of the Child Protection Committee in the community. The Legal Letter gave authority of Forum to run the programs, in order to get a legal based to avoid negative perception from the community.
  • Issued of Village Regulation No. 3 year 2016 on Child Protection. This regulation is a bases of regulation at village level to bound all the village people (attached the Village Regulation).Under this regulation, Local Village Government has obligation to fulfil all things mention in the regulation. The consequences the local government policy at village level should ensure and fulfil related to child protection, both programmatic as well as funds.
  • The legal umbrella of Village Regulation on Child Protection is District Regulation No. 06 year 2015 about the Implementation of Child Protection. Child Protection Forum has significant contribution on the establishment of District Regulation through involvement on the development of District Regulation on Child Protection through Public Hearing of Local Parliament of Cianjur.
  • Budget allocation for Child Protection Program in Cibinong Hilir Village through RPJM Village (the Middle Planning on Development at Village Level) year 2016-2021 amount IDR 27.600.000. The program and budget allocation mention in the RPJM Village has been followed up with issued of Village Regulation No. 3 year 2016 on Child Protection. Hope by legal regulation at village level will give reference and foundation to ensure continuity and sustainability of child protection programs at Cibinong Hilir. It is not easy way to realise it. It’s needed advocacy strategy and skills of negotiation to the executive (Head of Village and also the apparatus) as well as stakeholders at village level.
The process and actions have been taken by the Board of “KASATA” Forum should be appreciated. It is a model or best practice to ensure sustainability of community base program. The Forum showed their strategic action to be and independent forum or not to depend on other institutions. The next challenges will be to increase mobilization and participation of community in order to create a great movement that impacted to others communities’ surroundings.