Press Release: Philanthropic mission to end childhood pneumonia

Selasa 9 Maret 2021
Press Release

Philanthropic mission to end childhood pneumonia - Charles Monat Associates (CMA) marks 50th anniversary announcing partnership with global charity Save the Children
  • 5-year partnership will improve millions of lives through significant investments in healthcare, sanitation, clean water and other basic amenities
  • CMA and Save the Children will combine knowledge, expertise and resources to combat global health crisis starting in Indonesia, China and Bangladesh
1st March 2021, Hong Kong – Charles Monat Associates (CMA), a global pioneer in providing wealth planning and life insurance solutions, today marked its 50th anniversary with the announcement of a philanthropic partnership with Save the Children, a leading humanitarian organization that champions the rights and interests of children worldwide, to end childhood pneumonia.

Established in 1971, CMA has become an industry leader preserving the wealth of more than 8,000 clients from 50 countries, and placed more than US$40 billion worth of solutions during this 50-year tenure. Inspired by the central tenant of its business – legacy planning – CMA has launched its philanthropic mission to create lasting, systemic change for generations to come. As part of this mission, CMA will work with Save the Children over the next five years to improve the lives of millions of children through significant investments in healthcare, sanitation, clean water, and other basic amenities.

Speaking on this landmark occasion, Yves Guélat, Group CEO of CMA, said: “For 50 years, Charles Monat Associates has been a trailblazer and trusted advisor in the wealth planning industry – a quiet achiever. But leaving a legacy is more than just wealth; it is the values you inspire in others to create meaningful change that can be passed down from generation to generation. This partnership is a significant milestone that is fuelled by a desire to elevate society and ensure its continuity. It is our commitment to drive true transformation and long-lasting change as we move forward with our 50-year legacy, which is why we’re delighted to be working with Save the Children.”

Globally, Pneumonia is the number 1 infectious cause of preventable child deaths, claiming the lives of more than 800,000 children a year. Based on shared values and a belief that every child deserves a future, CMA and Save the Children will combine their knowledge, expertise, and resources to combat this global health crisis, starting in Indonesia, China and Bangladesh.

In Indonesia, more than 19.000 children under five years of age died from pneumonia in 2018. Worse in 2020, Due to COVID-19 situation, Until 5 October 2020 there were 31,633 children in Indonesia infected with the COVID-19 (10.3% of the total) and 191 of them died (1.7%).  This pandemic is presenting the world with ever-evolving, unprecedented challenges, and has highlighted the need for building strong and accessible health systems offering free-at-point-of-use health service.
Charles Monat, Chairman and Founder of CMA, said: “I started the company in a small shared office in Hong Kong with a handful of clients. Now we are a global leader in providing life insurance services to some of the world’s wealthiest. Reflecting on this major milestone, we have proved our mettle and continued our success during some of the most historical and challenging events of our time.

“As we build on our legacy, we have a responsibility to give back to our communities and establish a more humane society for the next generation. Our journey with Save the Children has just begun, but together we plan to touch as many lives as possible and tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.”

“Childhood pneumonia in Indonesia is the second highest cause of children under five mortality. Due to COVID-19 situation brings the worse impact towards children which can increase cases of pneumonia due to the Corona virus which attacks the lungs. Children are in a vulnerable situation to get access to health and nutrition services in a pandemic situation. With the Support from Charles Monat Associates, we are hand in hand to end the childhood pneumonia and ensuring the fulfilment of children rights on health.” Said Selina Patta Sumbung, CEO Save the Children Indonesia

CMA operates across Asia with a strong presence in Mainland China and operations in the Middle East, Europe and North America. CMA has an agile team of on-the-ground experts who understand the nuances of each market. Over the next 20 years there will be a seismic transition of wealth between generations, with many being chronically underinsured. This has the potential to create significant problems for portfolio valuation and taxation if not addressed and planned for early. With five decades of experience and expertise, CMA has a deep understanding of what lies ahead and how best to help its clients navigate this increasingly complex landscape.
About Charles Monat Associates
CMA is a leading global insurance broker with more than 200 professionals operating in Hong Kong, Singapore, Miami, Liechtenstein and Zürich. Founded in 1971 by Charles S. Monat, the company has established a reputation as Asia’s most trusted premier consultancy.  With 50 years of experience, CMA delivers world class expertise in liquidity planning and wealth transfer for Ultra-High-Net-Worth and High-Net-Worth individuals, families and businesses.
About Save the Children Indonesia
In Indonesia, Save the Children has been operating since 1976. In 2014, Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik emerged as a local entity from Save the Children in Indonesia. It has been registered as a local entity through the Decree of the Indonesia Minister of Law and Human Right.

Save the Children Indonesia implemented programs focuses on child protection, health and nutrition, basic education, early childhood care and development, child poverty and livelihood, child rights governance, disaster reduction risk and humanitarian. At the last 3 years we reached and help more than 1 million people. In 2020, Save the Children Indonesia reached over 320,000 people, 144,000 were children and 49% female, across 9 provinces, 80 districts, 396 sub districts, and 1,010 villages. Indirectly reaching over 23 million people across the country .