It is not that hard to prevent children from dying of pneumonia

Kamis 12 Desember 2019
By Priliantina Bebasari (Policy advocacy specialist at Save the Children in Indonesia)

World Pneumonia Day on Nov. 12 was commemorated for a reason. Pneumonia is the world’s biggest infectious killer for children under 5 years old, and the second killer in Indonesia (after deaths due to preterm birth). According to research by Save the Children United Kingdom, titled "Fighting for breath: A call to action on childhood pneumonia", two children per minute die from pneumonia globally.

The most recent report, "Fighting for Breath Call to Action: End childhood pneumonia deaths" published on Nov. 8, mentioned that Indonesia ranked as the country with the sixth-highest pneumonia burden, with a mortality rate among under 5-year-olds of four per 1,000 live births caused by pneumonia in 2018.

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