Tender Terbuka

Kami mengundang penyedia jasa dan perusahaan untuk memberikan penawaran terbaik untuk tender terbuka kami.
Segala bentuk barang fisik maupun jasa dalam organisasi kami harus memenuhi persyaratan sesuai dengan program dan standard organisasi. Kami ingin menjadi seubah organisasi yang transparan, akuntabel dan adil dalam proses penyedian barang (procurement) - serta kontrol keungan untuk kebutuhan anak-anak.

Kami mengiklankan tender terbuka secara reguler - kebanyakan untuk penyediaan jasa lokal dan regional. Para penyedia jasa, produk dan perusahaan dipersilahkan untuk ikut dalam tender terbuka sesuai dengan kapabilitas perusahaan anda. Kontak yang dapat dihububungi akan dilampirkan dalam iklan layanan tender.

1. RFP : Email Platform - Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik

1. Background
Save the Children in Indonesia has started doing fundraising in 2014. The number of donors and income from year to year increases steadily. From 2 donors in 2014 become more than 15,000 donors by the end of 2017. Income generated also increased become Rp12,1 billion in 2017.
Although the number of donors increases, the number of donors who stop donations is also quite large. Overall attrition rate (Cancel and Reject) reached 35,9% in September 2017. In fact, to maintain the continuity of the program for the children that we implemented, we need the loyalty of the donors that reflected from their monthly donations.
To maintain loyalty from donors, by mid-2017 the fundraising team started to create a special unit, the Donor Retention team. The main task of this Retention Team is how to Make Happy Donors and Do Whatever it takes to Save Every Last Donor. One of Retention strategy is how to communicate and engage with donor. We need to connect with our audience in a highly personalized way, one of the tools that we need to communication with donor is email marketing platform.
2. Objetive
Keep the list warm and sending updates
3. The Email Platform should have features:
  • Marketing automation
Provides automation facility to send an email automatically when the certain event is triggered. In automation, we do not have to send emails manually.  For this reason, messages feel more personal as they’re perfectly timed and triggered with an advanced rules engine.
  • Segmentation
Each donor has different behavior, profiles, and interests and therefore email list consists of different kind of people. Each subscriber is different. For this reason, we can’t treat them all the same. 
  • User profile
Email marketing campaigns is to build customer profiles. Based on demographic characteristics: age, gender, marital status, location, education level, income level, ethnic background, political affiliation and more.
  • Target customers based on behavior
  • Trigger a series of emails with single API requests
  • In depth reporting insight to make every automated series better
  • Can integrate with popular apps
  • Have integrated CRM services
  • Analytic tools
  • Multiple lists and segments
4. Time Frame
February,28st 2018 – February, 28th 2019

5. Term of Payment
By bank transfer every month
6. Submit Proposal
For any organization or company who interested could submit complete proposal (organization profile, quotation with payment term, timeline and information refers to features in point 3) by email to [email protected] with subject (name organization – Email Platform) not later than 08 March 2018 at 5 pm.

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