Consultant to Develop of SOP for Guidance and Counselling of SRGBV Cases in School

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Consultant to Develop of SOP for Guidance and Counselling of SRGBV Cases in School
 # We see Equal Project

1. Background

Save the Children with support from P&G is developing a program to promotes gender equality  as a right and a healthy lifestyle for school age girls and boys in 2 districts of West Java, Kabupaten Bandung and Kabupaten Cianjur. Gender inequalities and stereotypes affect everyone and are only resolved by involving both sexes. Gender equality awareness and senzitization is a building block to ensure girls and boys make healthier choices and live more fullfilling lives.

School related Gender based violence (SRGBV) is widely tolerated and sustained by social instituitons including schools. School-Related Gender-Based Violence (SRGBV) is any act or threat of sexual, physical or psychological violence occurring in and around schools, perpetrated as a result of gender norms and stereotypes, and enforced by unequal power dynamics. School related Gender Based Violeance is a serious violation of a child’s right to education and has lasting negative impacts on children’s attitudes, beliefs and behavior’s regarding gender. According to a 2014 international Center for research on Women (ICRW) survey 84 percent of children in Indonesia experience violance in schools. This violance includes acts of sexual, physical or psychological abuse inflicted on school children perpetuated by stereotypes and socila norms. Studies also highlight a distinct differrence between boys and girls expereince of vulnerabilityu to violence showing that girls are greater risk of abuse.

A school based program intervention-education is priority. Violence in school largely go un reported. Students may not report incidents out of fear of retaliation, punishment or ridicule or because of they accept violance as a normal part of school life. Teacher may fail to report an incident as they are it insignificant or may not report incident to protect a collegue. In this way violence continues to be accepted and perpetuated. School are also an excellent forum for allowing access to and educating very young adolescents (ages 10-14 years) about gender equality, non voilance behavior and sexual reproductive health. Schools in the targeted areas have to potential to bring about social cahnge and need to simultaneously promote gender equality and a vilance free environment.

Exposure to and experience of SRGBV has far reaching impacts on students, children and very young adelescents such educational, mental health, injury even in the long impact acceptance of violance and use  violance as normal way.

Strengthening the practical action for both prevention and responses to SRGBV at school, community and home level requires a comprehensive response from education sector beside other related stakeholders such as parent, goverment institution office from the health services, child protection office and law enforcement office. However, schools should have a system to strengthen adequate prevention, reporting and response measures against SRGBV by providing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are safe, accessible and confidential to report incidents of SRGBV, assist victims with counselling and refer cases to appropriate authorities.

This project intends to hire institutional consultant to create SRGVB SOPs for schools in Bandung and Cianjur district, taking into consideration existing responsibilities of guidance counsellors in schools. The selected consultant will train SC staff or master of trainers (UKS teachers, Guidance counsellors, MGBK) on SRGBV in each school. In addition to addressing SRGBV, the SOP will include a section with guidelines for menstrual hygiene services in schools (to be provided by Save the Children). The SOP will also assessment tools, (e.g. pre- and post- test tools to ascertain knowledge; observational tools) to determine if the trainers are equipped to train on teachers to provide services related to SRGBV. As a result children who see and or experience violence are able to report the incident, and teachers are able to provide support and counseling and provide referral services to the victims.

2. Objective
  1. To map current situation related to SRGBV at assiting school
  2. To identify the causes and the problems of SRGBV from different angles such as from the perspective of students, parents and teachers.
  3. To develop holistic prevention and response action by providing SOP to report incident, access appropriate counselling and refer to related authorities.
3. Scope of work
  • Study the UNESCO guidelines on SRGBV (Section 2.4 on response in and around schools) and good practices on response mechanisms to SRGBV in schools to understand what is needed for the SOP.
  • Assess current situation related to SRGBV utilizing the relevant assessment tools through FGD with teacher, students, parents, local authorities and other related stakeholders
  • Facilitate student participation in mapping safe and dangerous hotpots in and aroud the schools
  • Sensitization the draft SOP to get feedback from local government, Save the Children, and schools.
  • Train the SC staff/master of the trainers on the implemataion of SOP included reporting mechanism, support and conselling to the victims and referal mechanism to the realted institutions as necessary.
  • Submit the final SOP
The minimum of expected products of the consultancy are:

a. Detailed bi-weekly work plan, updates and activities planned;
b.SRGBV assessments, analysis result reports and recommendation
c. SOP on counselling support and referral mechanism
d. Tools for assessing the quality of counselling and referral support to students
  • Personnel of the dedicated firm have their master’s degree in law, human rights, gender studies, social science or other related fields
  • Personnel on that firm experienced at least 4 years of experience of relevant work in the field of SRGBV, adolecent reproductive health or related field
  • The firm proven as an experienced firm in developing SOP, module and syllabus for training
  • The firm proven as an experienced firm in facilitating training with preferably students, teacher and parent.
  • Familiar with Indonesia Bimbingan dan Konseling (G&C) at school system and understand the local context
# Timeline Activities Deliverables
1. First-Second Week of July 2018 Desk review and preparatory meeting with the Project Team, schools and related stakeholder Planing for mapping and assessment
2. Third Week of July 2018 Asessment, mapping activities at school Lead and facilitate the FGD, discussion
Assessment and mapping result report
3 Fourth Week of July 2018 and First Week of August 2018 Result compilation and drafting the report and recommendation on G&C related to SRGBV Cases Draft report and recemmendation for G&C mechanism at school level
3 Second Week of August 2018 Debrief and consultaton with project staff and schools Present recommendation for SOP revision based on conducted consultations.
4 Third Week of August 2018 Final submission of SOP Revised Women’s Access to Justice Module
The total duration of the contract assignment will be between July-August 2018.
7. Term of Payment   
Date Deliverables
July 2018 (30% of the instalment) · First instalment upon completion of agenda of activity for assesment and mapping, tool to be use,
August 2018 (70% of the instalment · Final upon final submission of revised SOP (final) and approved by Save the Children
For any organization or institution who interested could submit complete proposal by email to [email protected] with subject (name institution- SRGBV) not later than 12 June 2018 at 5 pm.
Download detail Terms of Reference here