Consultan to Develop Learning & Training Module for We See Equal Project

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Consultan to Development the learning and training Module/Curriculum for #We See Equal Project
Save the Children with support from P&G developing a program to promotes gender equality  as a right and a healthy lifestyle for school age girls and boys in 2 district of West Java in Kabupaten Bandung and Kabupaten Cianjur. Gender inequalities and stereotypes affect everyone and are only resolved by involving both sexes. Gender equality awareness and senzitization is a building block to ensure girls and boys make healthier choices and live more fullfilling lives.
Gender based violence (GBV) is widely tolerated and sustained by social instituitons including schools. School related Gender Based Violeance is a serious violation of a child’s right to education and has lasting negative impacts on children’s attitudes, beliefs and behavior’s regarding gender. According to a 2014 International Center for research on Women (ICRW) survey 84 percent of children in Indonesia experience violance in schools. This violance includes acts of sexual, physical or psychological abuse inflicted on school children perpetuated by stereotypes and social norms. Studies also highlight a distinct difference between boys and girls expereince of vulnerability to violance showing that girls are greater risk of abuse.
A school based program intervention-education is priority. Violance in school largely goes unreported. Students may not report incidents out of fear of retaliation, punishment or ridicule or because they accept violance as a normal part of school life. Teachers may fail to report an incident as they consider it insignificant or may not report incident to protect a collegue. In this way violance continues to be accepted and perpetuated. School are also an exelllennt forum for allowing access to and educating very young adolescent (ages 10-14)  about gender equality, non-violent behavior, puberty and sexual reproductive health. Schools in the targeted areas have to potential to bring about social change and need to simultaneously promote gender equality and a violance free environment.
Based on the above, the #We See Equal project seeks the support from a qualified institutional consultant to conduct the individual/institution consultations to develop a curriculum/ module and facilitate training with the pool of the trainers. The consultant firm is expected to customize Save the Children’s Choices Module/ Curriculum based on recommendations and inputs on the local context and from the project.
2. Objectives of the Consultancy
The Curriculum/ Modules (learning materials) will be adopted from CHOICES, combined with the local context in West Java.
The consultant firm will develop a curriculum  to improve the knowledge, attitudes and practices of adolescent girls and boys around equitable gender norms through a training for the trainers, peer eduactors, teachers and parents (fathers and mothers). The training to promote gender equality will address specific aspects such as the following in order to promote healthy life skills.
  • Child Marriage
  • Violance Prevention (including online bullying)
  • Healthy Life Skill and hygienic practices (including Mentrual Hygiene Management, Puberty Education, Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health)
  • School Related Gender Based Violance (Unesco, MOEC)
  • Future planning (goal-setting) for boys and girls
  • Other health and social concerns in the communities of Bandung and Cianjur.
This consultancy aims to document and develop the curriculum and training modules of # We See Equal project based on Save the Children’s project design and working plan, and also combine with other external resources (Government, local and international non government (NGO)) that are relevant. The consultant firm will also train master trainers to use those modules for the student,teacher and parent trainings. These master trainers will be from Save the Children and the Government system.
3. Scope of work
The consultant firm of the Curricullum content and training module is required to
  • Develop an outline of the module (adapted from CHIOCE)
  • Develop content for selected theme/topic/session appropriate & applicable for training of trainers, student, teacher and parent training.
  • Using existing local, national or international literatures and experiences as much as possible
  • Incorporated new knowledge, information, goverment regulation, international standard if any
  • eloping training methodology in every particular sessions/theme/topic, developing session plan and supporting material incluidng faciliation notes for the training
  • The consultant firm will faciliate the TOT for the Pool of Master Trainers as assigned by Save the Children.
4.  Criteria of Consultant Firm:
We see equal project is looking for interested consultant firm in the region that has experience working in or has strong affiliation in the field of SRGV,  gender, adolescent reproductive health. Candidate should have the ability to turn knowledge content into practical training module/curriculum. To come up with those working scope, selected consultant firm should at least meet this following qualification:
  • Experience in developing training modules that followadults learning principles and conducting of trainers courses that improve capacities of trainers as well as familiarize them with the training materials.
  • ence in implementing  training of active learning and integrate certain themes into the curricullum.
  • Personnel on that firm have good analytical and writing skills
  • Personnel on that firm have good knowledge of and experience with adult learning and competency-based training methodology
  • The firm or personnel behind the firm has experties with topic of education, parenting and familiar with issue of Child Marriage, Violence Prevention (including online bullying), Healthy Life Skill and hygienic practices (including Mentrual Hygiene Management, Puberty Education, Adoelcent Sexual Reproductive Health,), School Related Gender Based Violence, Life skill for the Future planning (goal-setting) – for boys and girls
5. Deliverables
The consultant firm shall receive a fee as compensation for services and the final product as follows:
  • An outline of the module (learning content, background literature, related reading, supporting materials, links etc)
  • 1 (one) adaptable training curricullum with the methodology, exercise training tools and facilitation notes, power point.
  • An module in softcopy format both ready to print out and in MS word
Proposal must be  sent via email to : [email protected]  by the latest of 07th  June 2018 , Time : 17.00 WIB. With subject : WeSeeEqualProject-(Organization Name)

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